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JEREMIE Co-Investment Fund

JEREMIE Co-Investment Fund has invested in private innovative companies and has supported portfolio companies in developing strategic initiatives and their operations in order to realise capital gains over the long term. The fund was created as part of the JEREMIE initiative and provided capital to small and medium-sized businesses. 

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JEREMIE (Joint European Resources for Micro to Medium Enterprises) was a joint initiative launched by the European Commission (Directorate General Regional Policy) and the European Investment Bank Group to improve access to finance for SMEs in the EU within the Structural Funds framework for the period 2007 - 2013. JEREMIE enabled the EU Member States and Regions to put money from the Structural Funds and also national resources into holding funds that could finance SMEs in a flexible and innovative way. This initiative aimed at developing and fostering the role of entrepreneurship within the EU. 

The project was supported from the Operational Programme Research and Development, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget of the Slovak Republic and was implemented through JEREMIE Initiative. 

JEREMIE initiative was implemented in Slovakia by European Investment Fund acting through Slovenský záručný a rozvojový fond s.r.o.