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Very successful story of innovative products in the category of performance food - functional food and modern fast snacks. Products, which meet demanding nutritional and taste criteria and coming from the finest raw materials put MaxSport into the leader's position in the Slovak and Czech markets with nearly additional 40 export markets.

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Runecast Solutions

Runecast provides predictive VMware management solution that uses in-house expertise, VMware knowledge base articles, generally accepted best practices and security hardening guides to analyze virtual infrastructure and expose potential issues and best practice violations, before they cause major outages. 

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A biotech research lab focusing on the development of medical diagnostic devices based on the identification of proteins. The company has developed IVD technology based on antigen immobilised BIO-FET silicon detection chips. It detects multiple biomarkers with high selectivity and sensitivity. The objective is to prove the concept of a user-friendly, cost-effective test kit based on the detection of the onco-markers.

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A regional leader in powder metallurgy that uniquely combines under one roof sintering together with modern MIM (Metal Injection Molding) and HIT (Hot Isostatic Pressing) technologies.  It provides innovative solutions with high added value to companies operating predominantly in the automotive, oil and mining industries.

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Žltý melón

(iService a.s.)

 A peer-to-peer lending platform which makes borrowing cheaper and allows interesting investment returns through financial innovation and elimination of middlemen. Žltý melón operates since 2012 and is run by professionals with experience in financial products, credit risk, lending, IT security and marketing.



Aykiro is a gaming studio designing games for large-screen smartphones and tablets. The title it released on iOS and Android platform (Planetstorm: Fallen Horizon) is a free-to-play mid-core strategy in a sci-fi setting, combining modern gameplay with elements of past PC successes.

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amena display

A manufacturer of smart LED boards and a provider of comprehensive solutions for crowd and traffic management, using its proprietary intelligent, portable, and remotely programmable information boards, powered by batteries and enabling a large number of visitors to be informed about cultural, social and sporting events and about the traffic situation.

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(GAMI5 s.r.o.)

A successful regional shared-economy platform for freelancers with around 180,000 users, where online services can be safely sold and purchased. It is designed especially for SMEs that need to buy services such as web programming, SEO optimization, graphic design, translations but also other services in more than 110 categories.