Branislav Zlatý, CFA

Branislav has served in the financial services sector since 2004 in various roles in which he has gained valuable experience in mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance advisory, and corporate banking.

Branislav managed a team of M&A professionals at Deloitte in Bratislava and was responsible for origination and execution of M&A transactions in a wide range of sectors including financial services, retail, information technology, telecommunications, and utilities.


Branislav’s track record in M&A includes completion of EUR 5bn joint-venture between JAVYS and CEZ formed for the purposes of construction a new nuclear power plant at Jaslovske Bohunice. He executed sell-side, buy-side and capital raising transactions for international clients (e.g. Sumitomo Corp.), private companies (e.g. Tempest, Softip), private equity clients (e.g. Mid Europa, J&T, SRKF) and a number of Slovak entrepreneurs.

Branislav studied at Economy School of Matej Bel University and graduated as Master of Commerce in Accounting & Finance at Macquarie University in Sydney. Branislav passed CFA® exams curriculum.