Michal Jablonka, PhD.

Michal is a founding partner of Limerock and a key executive of JEREMIE Co-Investment Fund. His career has been honed in the area of investment advisory, in venture capital and private equity asset classes, in credit risk management, and in transaction advisory. Apart from the typical roles of an investment banker, he is also specialising in financial modelling and project finance.

Michal Jablonka is a skilled manager of venture capital and private equity funds, and besides target acquisition, he has vast experience in post-acquisition management and fund administration. He has a rich experience with PPP/PFI projects, where he was for instance participating in the Slovak highway PPP program worth more than EUR 6 billion.


He held responsibilities in the risk management of Citigroup’s Markets & Banking business. His previous working experience also includes positions held within Deloitte and a venture capital firm Slovak American Enterprise Fund.

Michal holds a Ph.D. degree in finance from Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic.